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Our attorneys are widely experienced in family matters with over 30 years of experience serving family law clients.

The label "family law" generally includes dissolution of marriage issues, child custody and visitation issues, child support, alimony, division of assets, and non-marriage situations; as well as, potentially, juvenile court or State of Iowa child abuse investigations.

Judgment and experience are crucial factors needed when assisting clients in the often frightening world of family law. We discuss and educate our clients on the issues of their case, provide our clients with an understanding of the developed law in our state, factors and relevant precedence of prior cases, and allow our clients to proceed with knowledge and confidence.

The great majority of all family law cases are resolved prior to a trial and, hopefully, in a relatively amicable manner. If trial is ultimately necessary, our attorneys have the experience to know the proper strategy to try each particular case to the trial judge. Throughout our representation, our attorneys never forget the stress that issues in family law cause for our clients and their families.


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