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Finley Law Firm offers comprehensive mediation services.  Finley mediators have extensive experience in helping parties resolve all types of civil cases via mediation. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process by which a neutral mediator aids the parties in negotiating an agreement resolving their conflict. Mediation is a valuable alternative to civil litigation because the parties, rather than the court or a jury, have control over the outcome. It also can save parties court costs and attorney fees that are associated with litigation and trial.

Our experienced mediators guide the parties through the process of reaching an amicable resolution of their disputes, bringing decades of litigation and trial experience with them into the mediation to help the parties better understand the unpredictability of outcomes in a trial, as well as the value of controlling the process and outcome in mediation. The mediator is not a judge making decisions for the parties, but rather the mediator’s role is to facilitate communication and to aid the parties in better understanding the issues and obstacles preventing a resolution.

Mediation is an cost-effective method for amicably resolving disputes.  Indeed, the mediator’s goal is to help the parties create a “win-win” agreement, as opposed to the all-or-nothing outcomes that typically accompany a trial. Contact the experienced mediators at Finley Law Firm to discuss mediation.

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