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The Finley Law Firm’s experienced attorneys regularly apply their litigation skills in representing individuals and entities before administrative agencies.  Like trial law, proceedings before an administrative agency require parties to engage in discovery and prepare and present evidence.

Unlike trial law, where a judge or jury decides the outcome, however, the decision maker in administrative law is a panel of professionals or an administrative law judge with specialized knowledge in the field that is the subject matter of the administrative proceeding.  In addition, each of these administrative agencies publish and enforce their own sets of rules regarding a party’s right to (i) engage in discovery, (ii) question witnesses, (iii) present evidence, and (iv) appeal decisions. Due to this, it is essential for a party to receive representation from a firm with working knowledge of the particular rules and regulations applicable to each administrative agency.

In this regard, The Finley Law Firm boasts dedicated administrative law attorneys who routinely represent clients before federal, state, and local governmental entities including, but not limited to: (i) the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, (ii) the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, (iii) the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, (iv) the Iowa Board of Medicine, (v) the Iowa Board of Nursing, (vi) the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, and (vii) the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner.

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